But who is Erik Twice?

A good question deserves a good answer: I am Erik Twice (Applause)

I’ve been playing games since the day my dad made the mistake of leaving the family computer in my room. And I’ve also been writing about them for over ten years. Helping others learn more about this hobby is valuable to me and I hope it is for you, too.

I started this blog so I could share my articles in one centralized place. Here I share articles, reviews of both video games and boardgames, strategy guides and features on the latest community news. And no advertisments, just the support of readers like you.

Some of my favourite games include Team Fortress 2, Cosmic Encounter and Android: Netrunner. I may also be somewhat obsessed with train games and Gradius.

I write, mantain and translate this blog by myself but starting August 2019 I have the marvelous Debbie Timmins as editor! She helps make me this blog better and more readable.

If you made a game and want me to give it a look, you can contact me through here. Just hit me up ­čÖé