But who is Erik Twice?

A good question deserves a good answer: I am Erik Twice (Applause).

I’m a Spanish writer and games critic. My dad once made the mistake of leaving a computer in my room and, since then, I haven’t stopped playing. To me, games are an incredible yet barely explored artform. Nothing makes me happier than sharing it with others and that’s why I created this blog, to discuss them as they deserve. My goals:

  • Cover great games, new and old.
  • Provide insightful criticism.
  • Remain fiercely independent.
  • Help you play games better and learn more from them.

Some of my favourites include Team Fortress 2, Cosmic Encounter and Android: Netrunner. I may also be somewhat obsessed with train games and Gradius. Here are some articles I’m very proud of, to get you started:

While I write, maintain and translate this blog by myself, I have the privilege of working with Debbie Temmins as my editor since August 2019. She helps make this blog better and prevents me from saying the same word five times in a row. Once they are translated in Spanish, Yariknight gives me a second look.

Ethical criticism is very important to me, which is why I abide by the following Code of Conduct. If you believe in what I do, feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter or on one of my articles.

Finally, if you’ve made a game and wish to contact me for review purposes, you can use the following form to do so. Keep in mind we do not cover unpublished games, nor offer any sort of promotional service.

Erik Twice