Erik Twice’s Code of Conduct

As writer and critic, I’m committed to the ethical coverage of the medium. Integrity, transparency and accuracy are important values that not even the best review can do without. This is why I vow to abide by the following Code of Conduct.


Erik Twice accepts product samples (such as a copy of a game) for critical purposes.

  • We do not accept nor charge any payment in exchange of coverage.
  • The use of samples will be prominently disclosed.
  • Unsolicited samples do not guarantee coverage.
  • While every effort will be made to cover products we solicit samples of, we reserve the right to decline coverage for any reason.
  • We may agree to delay coverage until a certain event or date (eg. date of publication) as long as it does not compromise such coverage in any way.
  • We do not cover non-final versions of products such as prototypes or pre-production copies.
  • For coverage purposes, participation in a crowdfunding campaign might be required. This association will be disclosed.

Erik Twice avoids conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived in all of its coverage.

  • We do not participate in any arrangements of a promotional character by third parties including marketing campaigns, previews, giveaways, review events or any event of a similar nature.
  • We do not accept travel accommodations, plane tickets or any other expense other than product samples for critical purposes.
  • We do not provide consultancy, including so-called “mock reviews”, for publishers, game developers or other industry organizations.
  • As an organization, we do not engage with groups or campaigns of a political nature as it may compromise our present or future coverage.
  • We do not cover products or people we have a personal relationship with.

Erik Twice strives to minimize harm in all of its reporting.

  • We oppose prejudice and bigotry in all our coverage including, but not limited to, discrimination based on gender, sexuality, social status, cultural background, religion or medical condition.
  • We oppose violence, public shaming campaigns and all other forms of harassment, irrespective of promoter or target.
  • We strive for compassion and fairness and recognize the impact our coverage may have in its subjects.

In addition,

  • We do not promote or endorse products of a financial nature.
  • We do not report on rumours, hearsay or leaks.
  • We strive to keep our platform safe and welcoming for all, moderating our public sections as necessary.
  • We recognize plagiarism as a betrayal of journalistic principles and will accredit as required.
  • We vow to update and renew this code of conduct as needed, in a transparent manner and in a way that is visible to all.