Horseless Carriage ★★★ | Review

Splotter, the duo behind Food Chain Magnate, may not have the largest output, but their work is always worth trying. Their latest, Horseless Carriage, brings a twist to their economic games by using space, rather than money, as a currency. As we expand our factory to keep up with the demands of the very first car owners, we’ll struggle, innovate and, perhaps, miss out on the interaction and satire that defined their previous release.

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Without piracy, the history of video games is lost

1. Hobby Consolas Nº 21 2. Sega Canal Pirata 3. Periódico Holandés Leidsch Dagblad, 16 Septiembre de 1994

According to a groundbreaking study by the Video Game History foundation, 87% of classic games remain unavailable for purchase. This figure, which could be considered optimistic, is only one of the many obstacles preventing us from enjoying the history of the medium. Technical issues, a lack of translations and even censorship still hold us back. Worst of all, the only way out is beyond the law. Without piracy, the history of video games is lost.

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