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The best board games for video game fans

Do you love video games? If that’s the case but you haven’t checked out board games as well, there’s a lot you’ve been missing. The analog side of the hobby is every bit as good as the digital one. In some ways, it may even be better! Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the eight games I recommend the most for video game fans who want to try the amazing world of board games.
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Why I like and use review scores

Here’s something you might not know: Critics hate review scores. In the minds of many of my colleagues, putting a score next to their articles diminishes their work. They are included out of obligation, and most believe they actively stifle quality conversation. So why do I use them? To me, review scores are not a constraint but a powerful tool of classification and discovery.

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Brad Talton, the anime fan behind Level 99 Games | Interview

When it comes to Level 99, it’s impossible not to think about anime and Japanese video games. From BattleCON to Argent the Consortium, their catalog draws an immense amount of inspiration from them, both in looks and gameplay. I interview Brad Talton, designer of Millennium Blades and head of Level 99 Games itself about his influences and the way his nerdy adolescence shapes his work today.

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If we talked about films like we do about games

Film-making is in upheaval after the murder of a high-ranking official was represented on screen. The crime, which takes place in a Danish historical drama, has sparked a heated debate in the small world of acting, a hobby in which people dress up and pretend to be someone they are not. While supporters claim movies deserve respect as an art form, critics are quick to point out to their darker side.

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