Strategy and guides for your favourite games by critic Erik Twice. Learn how to improve as a player and how to beat even the toughest competitors.

The Search for Planet X: Beginner Strategy Guide

Most logical deduction games get less interesting after a few plays. Faced with the same puzzle every time, strategy quickly becomes repetitive. The Search for Planet X, however, is one of the few that has actually gotten better the more I play it. With two difficulty modes and plenty of opportunities to lean on your opponent’s research, there’s room to play better. It all starts with a little survey, some wild theories and ends with a scientific breakthrough.

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Hanabi: Beginner strategy guide and tips

Hanabi has simple rules but reaching a good score is not easy. Most players will never see the fabled 25 points and may even dismiss the possibility. But everyone can do well at Hanabi, it just takes a little bit of strategy. Knowing when to discard, why play a card over another or how to get the most out of the available information are three invaluable tips we need if we want to win.

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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: More strategy tips for beginners

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a difficult game. If we want to compete against the world’s most famous detective and don’t come off like complete amateurs, we’ll need all the help we can get. If my previous strategy guide wasn’t enough, don’t despair! There’s more you can do to match the Victorian sleuth and it’s all within your reach.

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