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Without piracy, the history of video games is lost

1. Hobby Consolas Nº 21 2. Sega Canal Pirata 3. Periódico Holandés Leidsch Dagblad, 16 Septiembre de 1994

According to a groundbreaking study by the Video Game History foundation, 87% of classic games remain unavailable for purchase. This figure, which could be considered optimistic, is only one of the many obstacles preventing us from enjoying the history of the medium. Technical issues, a lack of translations and even censorship still hold us back. Worst of all, the only way out is beyond the law. Without piracy, the history of video games is lost.

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Modern Art should not feature real artists

Knizia’s Modern Art has seen no less than 28 different editions from all over the world. Some of them, like the one released by CMON, or the most recent one by Dicetree are quite beautiful. Perhaps, a little too much. The inclusion of famous artists, like Munch, Picasso and Cezanne, over the parodies found in the original has a profound impact on the game’s message and heavily undermines its brilliant satire.

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Are miniatures improving board games? | Analysis

Are miniatures making board games better? Certainly, a look at our shelves may make us wonder how they could not. Some of the largest and most celebrated titles of the last few years feature them and they are always the centerpoint of the biggest and most luxurious remakes. But this wealth of highly-detailed components isn’t all positive. Artistically, there are four main problems with the way miniatures are used in board games.

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