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Videogame and board game reviews by game critic Erik Twice. What does he think about the game of the year? And what about that forgotten classic? Read about it here!

Horseless Carriage ★★★ | Review

Splotter, the duo behind Food Chain Magnate, may not have the largest output, but their work is always worth trying. Their latest, Horseless Carriage, brings a twist to their economic games by using space, rather than money, as a currency. As we expand our factory to keep up with the demands of the very first car owners, we’ll struggle, innovate and, perhaps, miss out on the interaction and satire that defined their previous release.

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Dominion: Digital App ★★★★ | Review

Dominion is one of the most dangerous time wasters I’ve gotten my hands on. Whenever it comes to the table, it’s hard to resist not playing one game after another. And now, I have it on my phone. After years of clunky implementations, subscription-only services and picture-less apps made by fans, we finally have a digital version of Dominion that can be called complete. May the Heart of the Cards have mercy on us all.

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