Videogame and board game reviews by game critic Erik Twice. What does he think about the game of the year? And what about that forgotten classic? Read about it here!

March of the Ants ★★★★

Eclipse or Twilight Imperium? Neither. The best 4X board game is March of the Ants, a little known title by Tim Seisner and Ryan Swisher. Clocking in at less than an hour, it takes away the filler that pervades the genre to provide a focused, stronger experience than its peers without missing any of the features we like from it.
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Tabletop Simulator, online board game emulator

Often, the largest obstacle to enjoying board games is being able to meet in person. It should be no surprise, then, that there’s a growing demand for ways to play online, with more and more games making the jump from cardboard to our screens.

Tabletop Simulator is a powerful tool that allows us to play thousands of different boardgames online. It’s also a flawed, somewhat painful experience that could be greatly improved.

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Battlestar Galactica ★★★★

Social deduction games, in which traitors try to subvert a group, tend to be very short. A match of The Resistance, Among Us or Werewolf can be completed in less than half an hour. The average game in the genre is a light affair, as easily played as put away in storage.

Battlestar Galactica, however, isn’t. It’s a serious game, taking two to three hours to play. Its length, seriousness and complexity make it stand out and make it one of the best titles in its field.

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Food Chain Magnate ★★★★★

No one’s born with an appetite for beer and hamburgers but once billboards surround your house and menus flood your mailbox you might start thinking otherwise. Splotter’s latest title, Food Chain Magnate, puts us into the cutthroat restaurant business and takes us on a satirical fight for riches, publicity and hungry stomachs.

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Gradius II ★★★★★

As I took the Vic Viper across burning suns and lava-born dragons I began to realize the scope of the adventure unfolding before me. Gradius II is a game of blinking lights in computerized bases and dodging lasers in asteroid belts, a story in which large mechanical enemies are defeated through quick reflexes and sheer force of will.

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