How to find people to play boardgames with

How to find people to play boardgames with map

Boardgames are great. But it doesn’t matter how great they are if you don’t have anyone to play them with. Perhaps your friends aren’t interested or you have moved to a new city. Whatever the reason, you wish you could find people to play boardgames with.

In this guide, I’ll share some advice on how to find a games group, how to ask them to play and the necessary etiquette to do so.

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Wingspan ★

Wingspan cover

Bird-watching may be a more exciting hobby than it’s given credit for, but Wingspan does little to change that impression. Stonemaier’s latest best-seller is a much duller game than I hoped for and also far from the simple, thematic experience promised by the box.

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Hanabi: Grands Feux ★★★

Hanabi Grands Feux Cover

Hanabi is a cooperative deduction game in which you can see the cards held by your teammates, but not your own. Limited to small clues as your only form of communication, it’s a challenging exercise in contextual logic.

Grands Feux, the newest edition, brings us the best version of the game yet and three great expansions. Let’s have a look.

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